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When my body is vulnerable and subject to attack, the clothing I wear and my circle of friends serve as forms of armour. Using my own touchstones of security - the quilt my father made me, a pair of red sunglasses, the striped blue and white button down shirt I’ve worn for years - I use my work to merge and translate my defenses into a more accessible form of armour.  My color palette and use of line references architectural drawings I grew up admiring from my father’s office, blended with the surface treatment of quilting. My garments are built to extend a feeling of safety & confidence to their wearers - the feeling I have found in my friends, in my own lucky charms, to make the wearer feel protected and powerful.

All garment design, pattern making, and construction is done by me, as well as styling and performance choreography.

Featured on the MICA Multi-Media Event 2020 webpage.

Collaboration Credits:

Photographer: Evan Jensen


Studio Lighting support team: Chris Hall, Kai Toppa, Chris Pfeiffer


Makeup: Marisol Ruiz

Models: Connie Zhang, Annie Cheng, Abby Holgerson, Sarah Bresky, Paige Twyman

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