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Digital print design work, for use on a Mimaki TX2-1600.

splatter half drop to print.jpg

Half drop line design, printed on 8 mm silk habotai.

iteration 3 greyscale invert repeat.jpg
iteration 2.jpg

Half drop organic design, inspired by traditional indigo dyeing techniques in detail.


Iterations 1 and 2 are on the left, final print version is on the right.

splatter colorway 6.jpg
splatter colorway 4.jpg
splatter colorway 5.jpg

Colorways for a "splatter" design.

tortoiseshell colorway 1.jpg
tortoiseshell colorway 7 inverted.jpg
tortoiseshell colorway 7.jpg
tortoiseshell colorway 5.jpg
tortoiseshell colorway 6.jpg

Tortoiseshell design - original pattern, black and white, inverted, and two colorways.

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